Storti GSI 150 AL

Storti GSI 150 AL


Nailing Line with Alternate Carriage

Solution suitable for companies which start the pallet industrial production and for the ones which need to satisfy special orders or limited volumes without engaging the main plants.


  • For block and stringer pallets

  • Control panel is equipped with a touch screen that can store data for up to 100 pallets

  • Operator screen can be read in English & Spanish

  • Made of heavy duty electro-welded steel

  • Simple to operate

  • Nail beam has a balancing system for accurate alignment and has a self lubricating oil pump

  • Nail drivers and clamps are hardened

  • Can run different size nails at the same time

  • Machine is manufactured according to the CE rules and is the safest and quietest machine on the market

  • Machine is designed to assure high production and lexibility with low operating costs


Maximum Length of Pallet: 59″
Maximum Width of Pallet: 59″
Maximum Height of Pallet: 7″
Minimum Nail Length: 1.37″

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