AIT HY400 Saw

AIT HY400 Saw


A high-speed, thin kerf, industrial saw, the HY400 is designed for a variety of high-speed cutting applications in your mill. It is capable of both center splitting and line bar cutting.

  • Each 50-HP spindle can accommodate multiple blades. The oversized bearings provide long life, even in severe applications.

  • The saw is equipped with a driven infeed system and a driven exit system to pull boards through the blades at the approximate rate of 400 board feet per minute during ideal running conditions.

  • Also included is a dust collection outlet to remove excess sawdust through a dust collector system you specify and provide.


Quick change blades, Dual spindle Accommodates multiple blades per spindle, 50 HP per spindle, Robust 2 1/2” diameter, Replaceable threaded insert for blade lock bolt, Oversized bearings

Board Feed
Self-centering and line bar cutting (setup dependent), Four knurled driven infeed rollers (adjustable force), Six driven pull rollers (adjustable force), Variable Speed from 100 to over 400 feet per minute HY400

Extra heavy duty construction, Clear board path minimizes opportunity for jams, Optional infeed and takeaway conveyors, Easy access guards for quick blade change, Oversized Lexan front guard for strength and visibility


Board Size Minimum Maximum

Length 27” N/A
Width 2.5” 8”
Thickness 1” 4”

Machine Size (approximate) Width Depth Height

Machine cabinet 63” 48” 76”
Electrical cabinet 19” 36” 73”

Electrical Requirement VAC Amp. Frequency

480 200 60 Hz.

Pneumatic Requirement Pressure Flow

90 PSI 0.1 CFM

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