M2L Standard

M2L Standard



  • Stacks eight layers per minute at standard speed

  • Stacks boards 3/8” to

  • 4” thick and 32” to 72” long

  • Programmable on/off control for upstream equipment


  • Unscrambler unit

  • High-speed stacking: up to 15 layers/minute

  • Automatic tie strip hopper with 12 programmable tie strip placements

  • Programmable layer configurations

  • Stack tightener

  • Layer Confirmation

  • Notched stringer stabilizer

  • Right or left exit conveyor

Board Size Specifications

  • Minimum Maximum Variations

  • Length 32” (813 mm) 72” (1830 mm) Except with auto tie-strip feeder option

  • Width 1 1/2” (50 mm) 8” (203 mm) 1 1/2” (50 mm) – 48” without unscrambler option

  • Thickness 3/8” (10 mm) 4 1/2” (114 mm) Except with high-speed option or unscrambler option

  • Width of Finished Stack 32” (813 mm) 48” (1176 mm) 1 to 99 layers accepted

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Named for its capacity to replace two laborers on your saw line while providing reliable performance—the M2L is the tireless workhorse of our stacker series. For hands-free throughput on your line, install our M2L autostacker behind your resaw, notcher, or chamfer. Not only will you improve operator safety when free from manual stacking and grading—you will save money on labor costs each shift.

The basic M2L Stacker consists of an integrated infeed conveyance assisted by an optional unscrambler, a layer building module, a lift module for positioning the layer on the stack, and an exit conveyor.