Storti R35 Vertical Arbor Gang Saw

Storti R35 Vertical Arbor Gang Saw


1 In-feed with rollers for horizontal multi-rip saw  mod. IMR 35

Length: 98’’  (2500 mm)
This equipment is designed to accept 3 or 4 sided cants/slabs.

Max. length of board: 72" (1830 mm)
Min. length of board: 31" (790 mm)

1 Horizontal twin shaft multirip saw mod. MULTIBI R 35/7C

The machine produces boards starting from cants/slabs 3 or 4 sided.  

Bearing structure:
The durable structure holds and supports both the saw arbor motors and power group. It has rugged electro-welded elements, which support mechanical stress generated by specific use. The bearing structure and power unit geometry allows for the quick and easy replacement of circular saw blades.

Conveyor belt and power group:
The conveyor belt has contiguous links made of stainless steel which will not damage board surface. Infeed power is ensured by an infeed vertical upper hold down sprocket and by 3 lateral aggressive knurled rollers with independent motors. The first motorized roller is placed before the saw blades and exerts lateral stress on the piece against reference idle rollers. The second and third roller (with independent motors) allow board extraction after the cut. Feed speed of the board is adjusted by speed variator. The electronic device automatically reduces the feed speed on the basis of amperage draw on the main motors.

Saw arbors:
The saw arbors, in vertical position, are dynamically and statically balanced, they are durable and are placed on high precision bearings. Saw blades are positioned on a high precision sleeve which is placed around the arbor.

Electric cabinet and controls panel:
The electric cabinet is separated from machine and the equipment complies with EN 60204-1 rule.

Safety Guarding:
The machine is equipped with incorporated guarding.

Technical data:
Max. height of board passage: 15.75” (400 mm)
Max. cutting height: 13.78” (350 mm)
Min. height of board: 1.18 (30 mm)
Max board width: 7.25” (184 mm)
Min board width: 1.97 (50 mm)
Max. length of board: 72" (1830 mm)
Min. length of board: 31" (787 mm)
Conveyor belt width: 5.91” 150 mm)
Saw sleeves: 2
Width max. variation between 2 boards: 1.97 (50 mm)
Saw blade rotation speed: 3000/4000 RPM
Feed speed: 66- 229 ft/min (20-70 m/min)

Series equipment:
1 set of spacing collars for one cutting size;
1 set of service keys;
1 installation manual for  use and maintenance, complete with spare part list

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