TS300 Stacker

TS300 Stacker


If you are moving lumber at the speed of your saw, an autostacker is important for safety and throughput. The AIT TS300 stacker system is capable of stacking boards at over 300 pieces per minute, and its speed and full range of options make it easy to integrate in your operation and suitable for a wide variety of applications.



Up to 25 layers per minute, Stacks boards 3/8” to 4” thick and 24” to 72” long, Stack with or without pallet, Programmable automatic tie strip feeder (2 hoppers), Small footprint (13’ 3” L x 7’ 10” W x 10’ 6” H), Programmable on/off control for upstream equipment, Recipe storage and recall


Automatic tie strip feeder (4 hoppers), Operator mezzanine for opposite side (one side standard), Powered side exit conveyor (gravity exit conveyor is standard), Extended infeeds, Automatic pallet feeder, Full layer tie strip feeder–CHEP standard


The basic TS300 Stacker System consists of an integrated infeed conveyance and layer building module, a lift module for positioning the layer on the stack, and an exit conveyor.

Minimum Height (including pallet): 60” (1470 mm)
Minimum Width: 36” (822 mm) — Maximum Width: 48” (1176 mm)
Minimum Length: 24” (588 mm) — Maximum Length: 72” (1764 mm)

Minimum Length: 24” (610 mm) — Maximum Length: 72” (1830 mm) — Variations: Length cannot vary by more than +/- 1/2”
*Minimum Width: 2” (50 mm) — Maximum Width: 8” (203 mm) — Variations: Width, including any taper, cannot vary more than +/- (board width/3)/number of boards per layer
*Minimum Thickness: 3/8” (10 mm) — Maximum Thickness: 4” (102 mm) — Variations: Thickness cannot vary more than +/- the greater of 10% or 1/16”. This includes cupping.
Minimum Tie Strip Thickness: .375” (9.5 mm) — Maximum Tie Strip Thickness: 1 1/4” (38 mm) — Variations: Same as board thickness
Minimum Tie Strip Width: 1” (25 mm) — Maximum Tie Strip Width: 5 1/2” (139 mm)

*Note: Maximum allowable board bow is less than board thickness. Maximum allowable board wane is 65%. Board thickness cannot exceed one-half of the board width.

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