AIT TS-300 Stacker

AIT TS-300 Stacker

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Feed System:
Automatic stringer feeding deck

Hold downs: 
Weighted Hood with Air assist

 Cutter Heads:
Customer Choice 0.50” or 1.50”

 Push Assembly
Hand Crank (adjust from 1” to 4”)
Cam Pusher for notching 

Cutting Cap: 
Available in two options 4000 and 6000 cycles per hour
Stringer Length- 32" to 72"
Stringer Thickness- 1.250" to 3.5"
Stringer Height- 2.5" to 5"
Minimum Distance Between Notches Inside to Inside - 6"
Maximum Distance Between Notches Inside to Inside 40”
Notch depth- up to 2 5/8" with 1.50” Radius Cutter Head Option
Notch length- up to 9"

Two 30 HP cutter motors with starters (pull out)
One 3 HP cam feed motor
Unscrambler 1-1/2 HP motor

480 volt
Includes all TEFC motors, starters, breakers

Dust Removal:       
10" piping for blower attachment

32-72”  with 3’ Grading Deck 

Guarding for operator Safety