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Helping our customers since 1995, Pallet Machinery Group specializes in New and Used Machinery sales focusing in the wood working industry. PMG uses its vast knowledge base in order to help you maximize production and increase efficiency while reducing labor in order to find the best solution that fits your company.

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Greg Wine

Greg Wine started in the pallet business in 1981 at JR Retrofit where he learned how to wire, weld, do controls and install pallet machines. From there he went to work for Campbell Atlantic in 1983 as salesman and then moved onto become a sales manager for Viking Engineering in 1985. Finally in 1995, after a lot of encouragement from several customers he decided to go out on his own and formed G. Wine Sales, selling Tipton Ironworks scragg mills and West Plains Resaw equipment. Not long after that and again with lots of customer encouragement he decided to branch out into the used equipment business.

A few years later he came up with the idea for the M2L stacker and reached out to Gary Sill at Automated Industrial Technologies. They put their heads together and before long the revolutionary M2L stacker was born! The business continued to grow as it picked up other lines of equipment including Storti nailing machines and sawmill equipment and starting consulting with plant layouts and even selling businesses.

Since then Greg had taken on such a wide variety of industry solutions he decided to change his name from G. Wine Sales to Pallet Machinery Group. This name was a better fit as it incorporated his motto of being “Your One Stop Pallet Resource.” Being able to provide customers with solutions to all of their pallet and sawmill needs under one roof has allowed PMG to continue to grow and be successful.

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COdy Evans

Cody Evans has over 18 years in the pallet industry; 10 years working for StanleyBostitch and 8 years with Viking Engineering. Cody’s areas of expertise include solving customer labor issues, increasing their production output and technical support. Located in Austin, Texas he is with our southwest division

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Rick Autey

Rick Autey has over 30 years of experience working in the pallet equipment industry with Viking Engineering. During this time, he was able to make contributions to the industry with value add solutions for wood preparation and material handling equipment. His responsibilities include technical support, improving equipment efficiency and cost saving measures. Rick is located in Minnesota and covers much of the northwest.

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Diane Gorvin

Dianne Gorvin, MBA, has over twenty five years of experience in marketing, strategic planning and business development. She is responsible for our website development, print/media, product information, pre-owned equipment sales and commercial sale of businesses (sawmills, pallet machine shops, lumber yards). Located in Austin, Texas she is with our southwest division.

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Evan Karlewicz

Evan Karlewicz specializes in New and Used Machinery Sales, Storti Parts Sales and Vendor Relations. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah University in 2008. After traveling North America for 3 years as a Tour Actor/Director with the Missoula Children’s Theatre, Evan moved to Virginia with his wife Emily and started work in sales with Pallet Machinery Group in 2012. With a knack for the technological, he is also PMG’s on-sight help desk for all things IT related.

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Randy Keko

Randy Keko, CPA has almost 40 years experience in sales and management in the pallet and sawmill equipment industries. He has worked with Hazlethorn Machine, Viking Engineering, Conner Industries and Wood-Mizer Sawmills. He retired from Wood-Mizer as International Sales Director. Shortly thereafter Greg asked if I wanted something to do and he has been with Pallet Machinery Group for 7 years. Located in Bloomington, Indiana responsible for the Mid-West.

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Trina Nease

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